Mirko Lalli

Founder & CEO

Mario Romanelli

Business Developer

Marco Bronzi

UX Manager

Pasquale Stroia


Leonardo Piras

Strategic Marketing

Giulio Muratori

Communication Designer

Francesco Terzini

Creative Director

Emma Agostini

Marketing & Sales

Martina Tabani

Marketing & Sales

Gianni Beconcini

Inbound Mktg Manager

Tech Team

Alessio Schiavelli


Matteo Spampani

Software Engineer

Edgar Gomez

Back-end developer

Alberto Bini

Front-end developer

Jacopo Cappelli

Solutions Architect

Vincenzo Rizza

Front-end developer

Riccardo Ricci

Senior AI analyst

Andrea Mazza

Data Provisioning

Giuseppe Diciolla

Junior Developer

Matteo Lomi

Android & iOS Developer


Work at Travel Appeal

Travel Appeal is newly born yet already has a long history; it has great expectations and for this reason is seeking interested, brilliant, flexible and plugged-in people.

Passionate and impassioning people who love travel, food, culture, design, technology, story-telling and with many stories to send out.

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