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Travel Appeal provides you with a lot of data; the difference between us and all the others is that we turn these data into suggestions and actions, so to immediately improve your reputation.

Russians love shopping!

In the last 3 months, Russian guests travelling with their partners increased by 24%. They love your location near the shopping district.
What about boosting the promotion for such specific market?

Jazz Festival
produced a good impact

Jazz Festival produced a 13% better sentiment compared to other events in the first quarter of 2015; the reputation of this destination reached 22% and the average price of the hotels saw a rise of 15%.

Canadian Tourists are growing

In the last three months, the number of Canadian tourists has considerably grown. They seem to be generally satisfied by the services your facility offers. On the other hand, they complain about the difficulty of finding Free Wi-Fi in hotels and restaurants.

Facebook Page is performing well

Your Website doesn’t have a favicon

Instagram interactions are 20% better than last week

Competitors’ websites load faster than yours

Two of your competitors increased their average prices

Hotel Venezia and Resort Geneve increased their average prices for Thu 12 March and both have a lower Reputation Score than you… double check your prices!

Your website needs a German version

The number of Germans reviewing and talking about your hotel on social media is increasing, but your website doesn’t have a German version yet…Time to work on it!

French guests think that your staff is kind

The kindness of your staff has improved during the last 2 months, resulting in an increase of your guests’ satisfaction, especially among French guests travelling with their families. Well done!

and much more…

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