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Made for Airlines & Cruise Lines:

Take off with Data Intelligence

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Customer Data Intelligence for Airlines and Cruises 

Travel Appeal collects and analyzes all customer reviews and online content about airlines and cruises through automatic mapping of entire geographic areas and fast querying over massive online review and feedback channels. Take control of the data storm that flies across the internet and social media sites, in multiple languages.

Uncover what customers really think about your business and leverage actionable insights designed to improve operations. Discover how external factors impact your business and track and surpass the competition.

Your Success, Our Results


Increase in Customer Feedback


Increase in Overall Sentiment Score


Increase in Sentiment about Staff

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We were able to determine what our customers appreciate the most and least about our cruise line. The actionable insights are invaluable improvement suggestions!

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James Anderson

Cruise Line Marketing Director

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Rating, Ranking & Reputation – The 3 R’s You Should Know

Ranking, Rating and Reputation. The 3 R's you should know! Customer reviews have become a currency for businesses. Not only do the vast majority of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, eating at a restaurant or booking a hotel, but they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


[Infographic] Top 5 restaurants in Amsterdam – according to Italians vs. Germans

We dove into the data of the top ranked restaurants in Amsterdam as it equally attracts Germans and Italians alike. Using Travel Appeal’s advanced artificial intelligence and data science algorithms, we analyzed customer feedback to determine the “top” restaurants in Amsterdam, according to each nationality respectively.


The new Travel Appeal Webinar is here!

Travel Appeal is excited to announce the launch of Boost, our brand-new webinar! Become inspired and discover the latest hospitality and technology insights. We invite businesses of any sector to join one of our mini courses and learn how to better manage online reputation, improve customer sentiment and monitor rates and competitors.

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