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Do you know who's visiting your region? What are their desires and aspects they would improve? Dedicated to cities, regions and countries, Travel Appeal collects and analyzes all customer reviews and online content about any destination - hotels, restaurants, experiences and more! Uncover what your visitors really think and leverage actionable insights designed to help you improve. Discover how external factors impact your destination and track the competition. Enhance your reputation, welcome more visitors and boost revenues today!

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Predicting tourist flows and monitoring the prices of hotels, restaurants, museums, parks and the economic reputation and influence of events helped our destination welcome more visitors and grow!

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Learning Centre


The 5 Italian Tourism Trends of 2019 You Need to Know

To better understand the role of the Internet during disasters, we have analyzed the trends of reviews and sentiment following tragedies, including the fire of the beloved Parisian symbol.


The Insider's Guide to Promoting a Destination's Reputation

We explore the truth between data and reality and reveal the key concepts behind a destination’s reputation. You’ll also uncover the best tips to monitor brand reputation and increase visitor sentiment. Increase the attractiveness of your destination by taking advantage of online reviews and customer feedback.


The Switzerland City You Didn't Expect: Why Travelers Love Montreux

By analyzing millions of pieces of data over a one-year period, including reviews, social posts, rankings and competitor information, we discovered why Montreux should join the ranks of the top cities in Switzerland.

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