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Dedicated to the retail industry, from retail shops to complex venues, Travel Appeal collects and analyzes all customer reviews and online content about your business. Uncover what your customers really think and leverage actionable insights designed to improve your business. Discover how external factors impact your business and track the competition. Improve your reputation, welcome more customers and boost sales today!

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Since using Travel Appeal, our TripAdvisor reviews have increased by 35%, and 80% of them are positive!

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Mario Panico

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A Digital Retail Revolution is Underway! Are You Ready?

The expansion of e-commerce has affected brick and mortar stores around the globe and the retail industry is in the middle of what the media have coined, a ’Retail Apocalypse’. To learn more, our CEO & Founder, Mirko Lalli, spoke with Giuseppe Stigliano, retail expert and co-author of Retail 4.0 with Philip Kotler.


6 Trends Impacting Online Shopping in 2019

Understanding the market trends, behavior patterns and sector analyses allows organizations to identify the right customers to target, which communication channels to use and the best methods to employ. We’ve selected the six latest reports and trends impacting online shopping.


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