A feature for every need


Read, answer to and share with your partners all your reviews using a single platform.


Is your website effectively communicating your offer? Is it meeting the basic criteria for optimal web surfing? Find it out and improve it with Travel Appeal.

Social Media

Are you making the most of your social networks? Who are your most active followers? On which social network are you doing best? This and much more on Travel Appeal.

Rates Checker

Find out your competitors’ rates and be ahead of the game.


Check out your competitors. Find out what others think about them, where you’re better and where you can top them.

Cluster Analysis

Find out what your customers think about you, what they like and what they would improve.



Create a customized report, save it and share it with your partners.

Task Manager

Give tasks and activities to your partners.


Put our ‘intelligence’ to the test.


Place the Travel Appeal Widget on your website and show your score to all potential customers.

Positioning Map

See where your structure sits in relation to your competitors in terms of rooms, services, Wi-Fi connection, cleanliness, reception, costs.