All your reviews at a glance.

Access to the complete analysis of the review channels where your organization is present to uncover what your customers are saying about you online. Examine your reputation in a dedicated section.


Access the complete analysis of the channels your establishment is present on and discover what people are saying about you online. In the dedicated section you can keep your reputation under control.

Sources we analyse:


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The graph shows the number of positive and negative reviews written by users in the chosen period and the related satisfaction (sentiment) percentage.

It is a completely navigable tool: you can reduce the time interval by directly selecting an area of the graph or view individual reviews in detail.


The map allows you to see the geographical distribution of users talking about you: an indispensable tool to identify the origin of your potential customers!

Furthermore, you can see the position of your competitors, the percentage of satisfaction (sentiment) and recurring topics in the content of your competitors.


Beyond the number of reviews analysed and the satisfaction percentage, you can find out the topics most discussed by your guests.

The information is available in both aggregated form and divided by individual review channel, taking into account the specifications of each portal considered.

For example, for some sites, Travel Appeal alerts you to the presence of possible manipulated reviews or reports the value of guest ratings. It also keeps track of your online behaviour, alerting you to and analysing the quality of your responses to reviews and the average time taken.

The tool allows you to navigate between results and reviews: click on individual items of analysis and access the complete contents.

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