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All the Data
you'll ever need.

Integrate every score, content and insight from Travel Appeal into your own apps and reports.

Any Property, worldwide

Our REST based API services map any hotel, restaurant, retail business, museum or venue worldwide and delivers rich detail in JSON format.
Any metric, score and KPI provided by Travel Appeal can be seamlessly integrated into any existing application - in real time.

Rich Detail

Receive rich information about a property: what services do they provide? What is their best dish? Is there parking? And much more.
Travel Appeal API lets you access every detail about any property in the world - from hotels and restaurants to landmarks and retail shops.


Rating and Sentiment


Access any property’s rating from all major portals at any given time. Additionally, the API provides our own computed Sentiment score for any property.

Sentiment by Cluster and Topics

How do customers rate a property’s room service? What do they think about the cleanliness? Analyzing the sentiment about specific topics allows you to understand the best and worst of any property.

Competition Data

Who are a property’s competitors? How do they rate? Our API lets you monitor all the details of up to 3 competitors per property.

Up to 2 Years of Data

Our comprehensive set of APIs allows for querying of our full data lake. We gather data from up to 2 years in the past and up to 3 months in the future for prices and forecasts.


Countries Mapped

Comprising of the main countries all over Europe, the United States and the Emirates


Properties Mapped

Including Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Retail, Banks, Agencies, 
Tourism & Destinations, Museums and more


Online Content Collected & Analyzed

Learning Centre


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How does Big Data Affect the F&B Industry?

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Leverage Our API for Your Success

To explore the full range of features, visit the dedicated API website. Achieve your objectives by integrating our data with your business intelligence applications and platforms.

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