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Know your Visitors


Fully understand the perception about any destination - city, region or country

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Step into the travellers' minds

Travel Appeal is the first tool that analyzes destinations and territories, in real time, to increase the reputation and attract more travelers. What do visitors really think about the hotels, restaurants, shops, transportation, parks and attractions in your destination? Why did they choose your destination? Understand what they appreciate and expect to investment strategically and increase visitors.

Listen to your visitors, in real time

The Dashboard gives you total control over what people say about you on every online channel, in real time. We process reputation, conversations, opinions, reviews, comments, room rates, availability, sentiment, weather, traffic, tourist flows and more. All in one single, easy-to-use tool.

Actionable insights, designed for your destination

Travel Appeal processes huge amounts of data and transforms it into actionable insights, tips and advice, in real time and in clear language, so you can immediately improve your reputation. Are Canadian customers increasing? Do Russians prefer to spend their time shopping? Are Italians mostly traveling with their kids? Take advantage of these insights to increase sentiment and revenues.


Clients trust us


Increase in revenues


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Experience the benefits first hand.

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Customer Stories

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Travel Appeal offers Swisscom API and integrable data to create a useful and comprehensive local guide for Switzerland visitors.
Today, the app is the most downloaded mobile local guide!

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