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Dedicated to OTAs and online platforms, Travel Appeal collects and analyzes all customer reviews and online content. Uncover what customers really think, leverage actionable insights, discover how external factors impact your business and track the competition. What do customer think about your pricing, products and their experience as a whole? Easily understand how customers perceive your brand as a whole and across specific locations.

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Your Success, Our Results


Online reviews and other contents mapped and analyzed


Countries mapped around the world


Increase in overall brand sentiment score

Travel Appeal delivered a comprehensive analysis about the relevant information of our business so we can make the best investment decisions.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Learning Centre


[ebook] Hospitality in the Age of Social Media

A free ebook to leverage the best practices to improve your customer satisfaction on social media and increase your brand popularity


The Insider's Guide to Promoting a Destination's Reputation

We explore the truth between data and reality and reveal the key concepts behind a destination’s reputation. You’ll also uncover the best tips to monitor brand reputation and increase visitor sentiment. Increase the attractiveness of your destination by taking advantage of online reviews and customer feedback.


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