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Efficiently Manage Reviews!

Save time - analyze and respond to all reviews and online content from a single platform 

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Save time - analyze and respond to all reviews from a single platform!

Access reviews and online content about your property, in real time, and respond immediately - directly from the Dashboard platform. Your clients’ perception of your restaurant is the key to success.

Our Dashboard allows you to read your clients’ minds and uncover detailed, granular insights to solve problems, enhance positive aspects and enhance any criticisms. Optimize the overall reputation of your business!

Endless data that's simple to use

Travel Appeal’s intelligence is specialized in the analysis and comparison of customer opinions about your business. We investigate the current environment and overall sentiment. Identify what customers really think.

The Dashboard is linked to TripAdvisor, Google and the main social platforms and review sites. Don’t waste time by logging in to each platform every time, simply log onto the Dashboard and manage everything at once.

Discover where your reviews are coming from

The map feature allows you to see the geographical distribution of who is discussing your restaurant online - an indispensable tool to identify the origin past customers and predict incoming ones!

Uncover the most discussed topics

The information is available in both aggregated form and divided by individual review channels, taking into account the specifications of each portal considered. Travel Appeal tracks your online behaviour, alerts you about incoming reviews and analyzes the quality of your responses and the average time to reply.

Analyze reviews from a certain period

The Dashboard graphs illustrate the positive and negative reviews written by users over the period of your choosing with the satisfaction (sentiment) percentage. A completely navigable tool for both an overview of reviews or deep dive into individual reviews.


Properties mapped worldwide


Countries mapped around the world


Online reviews and content mapped and analyzed

Experience the benefits first hand.

Try out the Dashboard today!

Customer Stories

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TravelAppeal gives us the insights to interpret the real needs of our customers and improve the quality and standard of our services.

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Stefania Zanuso

Head of Sales and Marketing - CP Hotels Verona

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