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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Uncover what customers really think; identify your strengths and weaknesses with ease


Improve Guest Sentiment

Listen to your guests in real time and discover new ways to make them happy and return to your hotel! What do your customers really think about the rooms, breakfast and pool? Why did they choose to stay at your hotel? With the Travel Appeal Dashboard, understand what’s most appreciated about your property and uncover your guest’s expectations. Increase customer sentiment, welcome more guests, strategically invest and grow!

Actionable Insights

Travel Appeal processes huge amounts of data and transforms it into actionable insights, tips and advice, in real time and in clear language, so you can immediately improve your reputation. Are your French guests increasing or are Germans are your most loyal customers? Take advantage of these insights to increase occupancy and revenues.


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Customer Stories

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Travel Appeal developed an ecosystem of solutions and products for Shell to increase the popularity and sentiment of their multinational service areas.

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